English Muffin Pizzas

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Since I’m guessing you already know how to put sauce and cheese on bread and melt it, let’s not talk about these adorable, simple and delicious mini pizzas I made for school lunches. Instead, let’s chat about how to make meal prep simple and accessible instead of intimidating and stressful.

I dislike wasting hours at the grocery store, in the kitchen and stressing about what to feed my family. I hate it as much as you do. I want to get a wholesome meal on the table or in the lunchbox with as little effort as possible.

I pick simplicity over variety most of the time. My secrets to minimizing time and effort?
1) Plan once.
2) Shop once.
3) Prep for one hour on the weekend.
4) Batch and freeze whenever possible.
5) Stop trying to reinvent the wheel! Stick to the things that are already working. Variety comes from simple twists and creating variations on the things that are already working.

Some different varieties ready for the oven.

I bought two packages of English muffins and made a large batch of these pizzas in minutes for a weekend lunch. I froze the leftovers and we had
an easy option for school lunches for the next few weeks.

To freeze: I just wait for them to cool and then use a large freezer bag. You can fit 9 flat, separate with parchment paper ans layer another 9.

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